Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09

WE had a fun Halloween. WE had our ward party on Friday, which was pretty fun, spook alley, carnival games, food and trunk or treating. Saturday, We at pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, visited Lombardi Ranch in the afternoon, watched "Where The Wild Things Are", ate some pizza and then headed to The Liddiards for some trick or treating. Jake worked with Colin at one of the neighbor's Haunted House. WE have Way to much candy and sent a few bags of leftovers to work with Gary. (I kept the twix bars!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's been awhile and I am going to try and be better. We have had a good start to the fall. The weather is great. Baseball is in full swing with pratices and games each week. Jake moved up to Bronco league this year and we are glad that Fall ball is more of a learning experience to get him ready for Spring Ball. He plays for the Diamondbacks and they aren't the greatest team, but he is learning alot. We have been to Disneyland, of course, a few times. Jessica and I went alone one day because the guys were gone. Jake and Gary went camping in the Sequoia's where they hiked 14 miles, saw 2 bears and cut their trip short one night due to freezing temps. We didn't go anywhere for Fall Break for the first time in a few years, but went to The Long Beach Aquarium, Chuck E cheese and Disneyland. The week after fall break, Jake went with the 5th and 6th graders at school to Camp High Trails, where they had a great time and learned fun things about animals, nature and science. I read The Wednesday Sisters and Tangerine for my two book clubs and they were both good reads. I've also read Phantom Tollbooth, Three Cups of Tea, and Comfort Food. I'm also working on my trip scrapbook and I'm about 1/2 way done (thanks to my weekly get togethers with Jaimee). I've been to the allergist now to get some relief for my breathing a persistant cough and hopefully we are finding a long term solution. And last, but not least, my children have had a case of the swine flu. Symptons: HIGH fever, Fatigue, cough and aches. They have been out of school this whole week and hope to return next week. (Jake is fever free finally today..Jess hoping for tomorrow?) We are doing good and hope that this updates everyone who might be curious, but at least gets my "journaling" up to date.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our trip

So there really is no way to just blog about a 7 week trip. Gary kept our travel journal...which I will then use to scrapbook our adventure. But, I thought I would go ahead and post some more pics of our favorite areas. You can also see pics of the kids in front of the state signs on F/B. Some of our faves were Carlsbad Caverns in NM, Niagara Falls, NYC, Crater Lake, OR, Memphis, TN, Buildings and Monuments in DC, Portland, Maine, Charleston, SC, The Biltmore Estate, Wildlife along the way, including bald eagles, a bear cub (right on the side of the road in Shenendoah), foxes, deer, moose, elk, dolphins, osprey...and more. We did some great scenic drives through Zions, Smokey Mtns, West Virginia, Santa Fe Forest, Gulf Coast and Great River Rd in Illinois and Missouri. We are planning on putting together a slideshow when we can narrow down the 4000+ pics to more reasonable number, we'll have a party! And even now, I'm trying to upload pics and it's not letting me...UGH

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back 2 School

After missing the first day and being extremely tired, we sent the kids to school. Jake was excited that his friend, Daniel, is in the same class again this year. He has a teacher from Bridgeport, so that was also nice to hear. Hopefully he'll have a good year this year. Jessica was a little upset at first, but after seeing about 6 friends from her K class, it helped her get more excited. I don't know her teacher, but she has been with Emblem for a while and from what I hear, she is good.

We made it home!

After 48 states and Canada, 13500 plus miles, and 7 weeks of travel, we made it home late Wed. night. 1 day after school started. I know that I was not good at all in updating my blog, but I'm going to organize a photo album and post it on facebook. Really- there are 4000 plus pics, so if you want to come over and help, you are welcome. I could not handle the internet connections at the hotels, they were too slow and really I was just too tired to do too much. We had a great time and I can't wait to do my scrapbook, which is really what I love to do anyway.
We are also going to try to put together a maybe we'll just have to throw a party! Anyway, we are looking forward to catching up with everyone now that we are back! We are also thankful to our friend in our new ward, who came out ASAP to spray away all the black widows that moved into the garage while were were away!

Monday, July 27, 2009


pics from The BIltmore, The Smokey Mtns, Kentucky Horse Farm, and The Homestead Resort.

more pics

From Savannah, Hilton Head, Air Craft Carrier in Charleston, Middleton Plantation and Downtown Charleston.